As we head further into spring and warmer weather (finally!) the wedding trend buzz shifts from formal and elegant to natural and rustic. Rustic weddings have been increasing in popularity over the past few years and we'd like to highlight some of the big trends, show off some of our rustic wedding work and share a few ways you can use mason jars to spice up your rustic wedding for an event your guests will be talking about all wedding season!

We just can't pass up the chance to show off some of our favorite projects for rustic weddings. No matter what the theme is for your wedding, one of the biggest ways you can pull all of the elements together is through your wedding party apparel. From hats to shoes your theme will shine through in every detail you choose.

Mason jars. Burlap. Lace. Repeat. This is the recipe for a standard rustic wedding theme, but don't be afraid to add your own flavor! Mason jars can be used in so many fun and interesting ways, there's no reason rustic can't be classy too. 

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There are endless ways to display mason jars as glasses for each of your guests to use throughout the night, chalkboard labels are a fun way for guests to label their glasses and look adorable to boot! Get creative by using vintage furniture, thrift store finds or even wash bins to display them. 

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Custom centerpieces are a cinch with mason jars as your base. Add some babies breath, twine, a candle and some natural textures and watch your reception come to life. Using natural elements can also cut down on your budget! Don't be afraid to make use of things you find in nature, interesting pieces of wood, smooth pebbles from a stream, fresh pinecones and even wild flowers can come together to create an incredible centerpiece. 

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There are so many original and unique ways to incorporate them into your wedding as well. Think beyond filling them with water and flowers, you can use them for your dollar dance, honeymoon fund and even for your unity ceremony! Fill with sand or dirt from each of your homes and combine together for a beautiful keepsake you can use to plant a tree in your first yard or simply put on display in your home.  

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Don't forget the mood lighting! With so many options for an easy DIY you can create a magical effect using mason jars and candles or Christmas lights. Many rustic themed weddings take place out doors, set yourself up for a magical atmosphere when the sun goes down by getting creative with your lighting. Imagine dancing your first dance under a mason jar chandelier, rustic and romantic - you can't miss!


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These adorable little jars also make for beautiful aisle decor. Whether you hang them from garden hooks, set them on tree stumps or simply line them up on the ground along the aisle they make a statement of elegance and simplicity. Attention to detail is always worth the effort, use lace, burlap and twine, or other elements from your wedding theme, to add some pizazz to your mason jars and tie them in with the rest of your decor. 


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Don't forget your head table! Different sizes and shapes filled with water and candles make for a beautiful, welcoming atmosphere and add to the drama of the reception. Use lace and burlap accents and natural greenery to complete the look. 


Planning your own rustic wedding? What could be better than your very own custom wedding gown for your big day? Get in touch with us for a free consultation or share your own rustic wedding pictures, DIY's and ideas in the comments or on twitter @vanyadesigns!

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