Happy Mother's Day to all of the wonderful moms out there! As a tribute to moms everywhere, we wanted to do a special post celebrating the love between a mother and her daughter on her wedding day. 

Having been in the wedding industry for as long as we have, we've been witness to countless wedding trends. Each year new fads and styles pop up and slowly fade away over time. There is one trend however, that seems to be sticking around and that is wearing an heirloom dress. This is one of our absolute favorite trends! 

It's no wonder the trend has gained so much popularity, mothers and grandmothers hold a special place in our hearts and what better way to celebrate them on your big day than to wear their dress? For those brides fortunate enough to have an heirloom dress, wearing it isn't their only option. There are countless ways to incorporate the dress into your big day, here are a few of our favorites and some of the dresses we've worked on recently!


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In some cases, the heirloom dress hasn't held up well enough over time to be worn. Or perhaps the bride has a completely different vision for her wedding than wearing her mother's dress, but still wants to incorporate it into her day. One very fun way to make the dress into something new is to use the vintage lace to create a veil, or a design on the dress. If there's enough lace on the old gown it can even be used to construct a portion of the new dress. In this case, the lace from the gown was used to make a stunning veil to wear with the bride's dress.


In other cases, the dress is in perfect condition and the bride has a world of options to choose from. Many brides come to us with a vintage or heirloom dress and a picture of the style they want to wear on their big day and ask us to have our designer Alicia bring their vision to life using their mother's dress. 


Other brides simply want to have their mother's dress updated, wanting only minor changes like having some of the frill removed, a neckline changed, a train shortened or lengthened, etc. Some brides want to have as little changed as possible, needing only minor alterations to make sure the dress fits them, as in the picture of this lovely bride and her grandmother who we worked with to achieve the perfect fit.  

Still more brides decide to have their heirloom dress entirely reimagined, wanting to wear their mother's dress but also keep true to the style they have in their mind for their dream gown. It is such a special task to be able to work together with these brides and their mothers to create such a unique and sentimental gown. Our designer Alicia puts special care and attention into every dress she creates, and when an heirloom dress is involved brides are able to rest assured that she understands exactly how important it is to preserve their dress. 


No matter how a bride wants to make use of their heirloom dress we are happy to help them bring their vision to life and create their dream gown. Each individual bride has her own unique style and Alicia works closely with them to ensure they end up with a dress that fits perfectly and looks stunning for their walk down the aisle. From minor alterations to complete redesigns, we pride ourselves on the statement our gowns make and measure ourselves by the satisfaction of each bride. 

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