For most brides the ultimate wedding planning tool is Pinterest, and after even quick look through the endless stream of wedding related pins you'll find that there is no shortage of options when it comes to wedding themes. That's not necessarily theme in the sense of "Disney wedding" or "Beachside wedding" but more in the sense of the 'vibe' your wedding gives your guests. 

Just as every bride has her own unique style and vision, each wedding has its own unique feel and so today we want to share with you the three main 'Wedding Vibes' we've been seeing in our shop (Rustic, Chic and Glam) and how we work with our brides to bring their dresses to life in a way that perfectly complements their vision. After all, what better way to set the tone for your wedding than with your own stunning custom gown? 


Rustic gowns are often elegant in their simplicity. The dress featured here is one I designed for my baby sister, you can read all about the process and her amazing wedding right here. Brides who wish to have a rustic wedding often also want to keep things more casual and relaxed (though you can certainly have a formal wedding with a rustic feel if that's what you want!) This laid back feel is reflected in their gown by choices of flowy fabrics, simple clean lines and more lace than bling. 

By keeping things simple the focus is on the bride and her natural beauty, as well as the natural beauty surrounding the wedding. Cowboy boots and hats are naturally a perfect match for a rustic wedding and can make for some adorable photo-ops. Plus as an added bonus, your bridal party will feel comfortable and relaxed!


The hallmark of a Rustic wedding is the blending of natural elements with dainty fabrics - think wood slices with doilies or burlap and lace. These weddings typically share a palate of earth tones, wood textures, mason jars and wild flowers. Natural elements are used to bring a beautiful but casual feeling to the wedding ceremony and celebration. Often held outside or in a beautiful barn anything from hay bales to quilts can be used to set the tone for a gorgeous rustic wedding. 



Rustic wedding decor can be so much fun to work with. From mason jar candles to bonfire receptions, rustic weddings have a fun and festive feel about them and the stunningly simple dresses that go with them focus on the unique beautify of the bride wearing them. 



Chic weddings actually have several things in common with rustic weddings. They make use of a lot of natural elements but opt for succulents over babies breath and sequins over doilies. Chic weddings tend to have a much more feminine feel. With a focus on being light and airy, a variety of textures is the signature of a Chic wedding. This feeling is reflected in flowing dresses with a lot of beading and detail work and a focus on creating soft lines and a romantic silhouette. Chic wedding gowns aren't afraid to play with color and experimenting with layering traditional white with champagne, dusty rose, or caramel is a fun way to bring even more personality to your gown. Chic dresses are often less structured and feature intricate details such as a keyhole back, beadwork, lace accents and subtle layering of different textures. 


Within the category of Chic weddings you will find a variety. From shabby thrift store chic to metallic industrial chic, there is a focus on mixing of soft and hard to bring all the elements together in a harmonious and feminine way. The wealth of options available can be overwhelming, but a good place to start is by finding your venue and seeing what it is more suited to.

Boho-Chic or Shabby-Chic makes use of mis-matching vases, floral arrangements featuring feathers, broaches or beads, and delicate details which soften and blend to create a cheerful, feminine feel. Industrial-Chic is becoming increasingly popular and employs mixtures of fabric and textures, metallic elements, concrete features, unique lighting and a mixture of hard lines softened with floral and fabric accents. From shabby thrift store chic to metallic industrial chic, there is a focus on mixing of soft and hard to bring all the elements together in a harmonious and feminine way. 



Glam weddings are where you find the bling! Typically glam weddings are more formal evening affairs with a focus on opulence and richness of color. Big beautiful floral arrangements, a plated meal and attention to detail bring a feeling of grandeur to these weddings. A glam wedding is where you will find a full ball gown, a mermaid cut with beads and detailed applique, a long beaded train, and more structured gowns which play with lines and color. Drama is key for a glam wedding dress and that is one of the many reasons a glam dress can be so fun to design! From plunging backs to intricate beaded bodices, glam dresses certainly make a statement!

Glam wedding decor features pools of sequined fabrics, decorative mirrors, elegant frames and traditionally have centerpieces and floral arrangements with a lot of height. Typically more formal and traditional, one of the big trends we've been seeing lately is the "Gatsby Glam" wedding vibe which is exceptionally opulent and tremendously sparkly! These gowns are so much fun to create because they lend themselves to a lot of intricate detail work and make use of luxurious fabrics and interesting techniques to create a bold and dramatic silhouette. 

These weddings typically have a few elements repeated throughout the wedding and reception area and make use of a lot of layering, colorful statement pieces, lots of candle light and exquisitely detailed place settings. A glam wedding isn't for everyone, but can certainly make your guests feel like they're attending the event of the season when pulled off!

No matter what style you choose for your wedding, it is our passion and our pleasure to work with each bride and bring her dream gown to life by getting to know her and seeing her wedding through her eyes. We work to bring out the unique beauty that every bride possesses so that on your wedding day you can say with confidence "I am Beautiful, I am Loved."

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